Tuesday, April 01, 2014

7 month pic

This picture was taken about a week after he turned 7 months.  
As always, better late than never.

Even now, a little over a week before turning 8 months-old, he still has not teeth.  They are coming in!  I can see them!  And poor Little Man, I can tell they itch like crazy.  He gnaws on just about anything he can get his hands on.

He has finally started to eat a little more (this whole exclusively breastfeeding an almost 8 month-old is no fun).  I got some rice cereal at church last week that somebody was giving away.  I don't know if he finally "got it" or what, but he has started eating it.  Halleluiah!  He'll eat a little banana or pear chunks as well.

He is sleeping better.  I only feed him once during the night, but still wakes up crying about one additional time.  We just let him cry.  Right now I think it is mostly because he is flipping to his stomach, but he hates being on his stomach, so a lot of times I'll just go in and flip him over.  Just like with Emma, at 9 months old is when we are going to "pull the plug" and be done with night feedings.  And just like with Emma, still plan on breastfeeding him until he turns one.

what we call him

Baby Byron has many names he goes by...

The sweet smile I get when I go pick him up in his crib.

Names are:

Little Man
Baby Byron
Baby Lion
Chimuelito (no teeth)
Principito (little prince)

on Emma...

Thought we would post a little update on Emma.

 She is a little over 2.5 years old.

Her language of choice is still English, but can pretty much translate just about anything if you ask her to.  She is also starting to say a few Spanish sentences.  Her English sentences can be about 4-5 words long, her Spanish ones are about 2 words long.

She likes to run around naked.

"poquito nuda, mami?"
 She loves her blankets!  She calls them sasas (for "sabana" in Spanish).  Every morning, she walks out the door with her sasa and Bunny.

She loves to wear her pajamas all day.  Her laundry is 80% PJs, 20% everything else.  At first it annoyed me and frustrated me.  Now I've decided it's not a battle worth fighting.  As it gets hotter and hotter, she will want to be in shorts and short-sleeve blouses more.

I am not sure how to go about writing this last one.  Part of me wants to completely ignore it and make it go unnoticed, but another part of me tells me I need to record this.  What am I talking about?  Glad you asked :)

A little boy at church and MOPS has developed a little crush on her.  He just turned three a few weeks ago, so he is just about 6 months older than her.  Of course they are good friends, but he truly has a crush on her (or really likes her... whatever the difference is at this age).

A few weeks ago when we picked the kids up at the nursery, the workers said they had been playing together the entire time and holding hands.  Today when we picked them up, the workers said they had spotted them kissing on the mouth!  ACK!

Erin and I giggled and smiled at each other, torn by both the cuteness, but also seriousness of the situation.  It may be cute right now, but no longer cute when they are, say, 10 years-old.  So this needs to be addressed now!

We got in the car and I turned to Emma--
"Emma, we don't kiss boys in the mouth.  You may kiss Mommy, Daddy and Baby Byron in the mouth [not quite sure on this last one, but that's what I said], but you cannot kiss anybody else there.  You may kiss them on the cheek if you want to [like the good Mexican that she is :)]"
Then proceeded to say--
"You may kiss a boy once he gives you a ring, but he first has to get Daddy's permission."

We figured it was never too early to begin teaching our kids about our expectations in regards to dating.  Again, it's a little humorous right now, and partly just want to disregard it, but then also I want to make sure that we always take these opportunities to teach and train our children at every chance not matter how young they are.

Tuesday, March 18, 2014


I feel like I've written my fair share of posts about "how hard mothering two is... blah blah blah."  In the middle of those hard days, I always thought:  "This has to get better, otherwise people would never have more children."  

Friends and family, I think I am slowly but surely reaching that place.  I am finally beginning to reap the benefits of having two children who are both young and close in age.

This picture (^) was taken last week while Emma stayed in the bathroom after nap time (I told her she could keep her nap diaper on as long as she stayed in there).  I placed Little Byron outside the bathroom, put a few toys between them, and the rest is history...

They sat there playing peacefully with each other for about 30 minutes.  Every once in a while I would peek in on them to see that they were in no mischief.

This is just one of many recent examples.

Yesterday, while Emma was sitting on the potty doing #2 (and taking her sweet time while at it, btw), she requested that LB sit outside the bathroom so she could see him.

This morning, while getting ready to go to MOPS, I sat Byron on the playroom rug, and Emma went over there with him.  While she didn't know I was watching, I saw her hug him and kiss him and say:  "I love you baby Byron."

So thankful that they have each other.


While doing some Spring cleaning around the house the other day, I decided to finally discard some eye shadow makeup I hadn't used in well over a year.  I thought it would be fun to give it to Emma for a little bit for her to play with.  I honestly thought she would try to put some on her eye.  She instead decided to put it all over her face.  Like this:

Behind every great big sister, is an adoring baby brother.
 Even mommy got some nice makeup, courtesy of Emma Girl.

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Sick children

We've had a rough couple of days.  Two sick children, combined with little sleep and Daylight Savings have made for two days I wish I could completely erase from my life.  The stress that comes with sick children is beyond words, and trying to force antibiotics down their throats twice a day is not for the faint at heart.

I've already talked about LB's ear infection in a previous post.  So on to Emma...

Emma began coughing during the night over the weekend.  This evolved into a cold, then mucus coming out of her eyes, and finally a double ear infection.  She was so pitifully sick yesterday, that even though she has been weaned from her pom for about 6 months now, she asked for it again.  I could not bare not giving it to her, if this meant she could be comforted a little.  I found an old one, and I was amazed of how quickly she took it in.

(thankfully, it does not look like she has regressed with it.  We put it away again this morning and we have not talked about it since)

Memma has been able to help me a little through these hard times, and when she is not around and Byron is still at work, between the TV and Little Byron being entertained in his crib, I have been able to hug and comfort my little girl.

more books!

We saw my sister two weekends ago, which meant we finally got our Christmas gifts from family in Mexico.  One of the gifts were these four books given to Baby Byron from my Aunt Susy-- my dad's youngest sister.  Of course, Emma loves to read them herself, and when she asks--

E:  who gives those?
Me:  Tia Susy.
E:  Tia Sucio? 
(ha ha!)
Reading books together in the kitchen after breakfast.

Rolling pin

Emma received her long-awaited Christmas gift from Oma-- a little rolling pin!  She was happy to get to use it soon after getting it, helping mommy crush some graham crackers for a cheese cake.


As of last week, our little man can now sit-up on his own.  This milestone has allowed life to become slightly easier, since I can now set him up wherever without him becoming aggravated at me (the way he did when I would lie him down on the floor).

I love how they both have the same facial expression.
And a general update on Baby Byron:

-  He is 7 months old today, and hates to eat anything other than his mama's milk *sigh*  I have tried all sorts of things, the most recent one breaking down and buying some (expensive!) baby wafers and cereal (I never bought these for Emma, but a desperate, and sleepless mama will do anything at this point).  

-  He has been an incredible sleeper since he was 6 weeks old.  For months and months he would sleep 8-10 hour long stretches.  But recently, he has regressed to waking 2-3 times at night.  He wakes up screaming (also very unusual).  We put him on some antibiotics (related to an ear infecting), and things have improved, but still not where I wish they were.  I also think that him still being exclusively breastfed is affecting his sleep (or lack there of).

-  Little Byron can also now stand up on both feet on his own if we hold his hands.

-  Still no teeth.

Tuesday, March 04, 2014

Kangaroo pouch

Last Sunday, after getting Emma ready for church, we all of a sudden saw her walking around with this elephant inside her dress.  Walking around saying:  "baby kangaroo, Emma carrying baby kangaroo."

I have no earthly idea where she learned about kangaroos and their pouches, but apparently she has!

(does she seem incredibly grown-up in this picture, or is it just me?)

6 months

Once again, better late than never--

Baby Byron's six-month Johnny Bear picture.

My handsome boy!

Six-month check-up numbers:
Weight:  17 lbs 10 oz (55%)
Length:  26 5/8 inches (50%)
Head size:  17.5 in (80%)

As you can tell, we make very average-size children (Emma is very average as well).

Boy cousins

I kept cousin Ames the other morning for a couple of hours.  Emma and Ames are incredible friends, but Ames has a special spot in his heart for his baby cousin Byron.  Ames is a typical little boy-- never stands still.  He is a bullet!  I had to take a nap after he left, and let me tell you something-- I do not take naps!

I thought this was a funny picture, because this moment (him holding BB) were the only four consecutive minutes I saw him be still.

Though Emma and Ames are good friends, I do wonder if Ames' good relationship will shift towards BB away from Emma as time goes by.

Funny faces

One of my favorite books I've been reading lately is The Mission of Motherhood by Sally Clarckson.  It has been an incredible blessing, and has encouraged me as a mother beyond (almost) anything else I've heard or read in the past 2.5 years.

One of the things that hit home for me in reading this book was learning how to make the "mundane" special.  How to make every-day things memorable for our children.

With the idea coming from a post I saw on a college-friend's blog, I decided to begin making "funny faces" (as Emma likes to call them) for our meals.

Meal time is more exciting and extra special, simply because I now take a little extra time putting some "love" into our little girl's plate.

My Bible-reading girl

I was in the kitchen the other day, and all of the sudden heard a little voice say:  "Jonah, Jesus loves, Joshua, Jericho, Baby Jesus."  I turned the corner, and this is what I found:

A little girl "reading" her baby brother's bible Poppa gave him on his baptism.  

My heart is encouraged when I see this for so many reasons:
1.  Children imitate what we do, and the fact that she imitates us reading our Bibles is incredibly uplifting for this tired and worn out mama.
2.  This is what it means for our children to inherit our Faith-- that they would never know what it's like not to love the Lord with all their heart, and that one day they would own that Faith as their own.
3.  Emma is beginning to seek Jesus' help.  I don't think she knows she is doing it, or what it means for her to do it, but we have been trying to teach her to pray to Jesus to help her get through her difficult terrible-two tantrums.

ps-- if you read between the lines of #3, you'll know that mothering this little girl has been a bit of a challenge lately. 

My Boy

Love this sweet little face!

Thursday, February 27, 2014

They play!

I love watching my children enjoy each other.  Byron loves to follow his big sister around, and laughs at just about everything she does (his new favorite thing is watching her play soccer).  

Here is a sample video of what their interacting is like (we are still working on Emma not being too rough with him).

Thank you, Oma!

Valentine's Celebration

Our ice storm coincided with Valentine's Day this year, so the last thing on our mind was celebrating our love for each other :)

Once life returned to normal, I planned a little Valentine morning with the family.  I went to Target and got some 50%-off chocolate, and wrapped it up in a nice bag and set it on the breakfast table.  Our little family was happy to wake to such treats!

Leah's 1-year old party was the weekend before, and watching her open gifts was still fresh in Emma's mind.  When she saw the gifts on the table, she exclaimed:  "Leah's presents!"

"Leah's presents!"
 Mommy gets to enjoy Baby Byron's Valentine's gift :)

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

First snow

This post goes along with our snow day post from last month.

Singing at the table

The following two videos were taken two months ago at the dinner table one night.  Emma entertained us with some live music.  We must have recorded about a dozen videos.  We will only upload our top two.

The first one is of Emma singing her ABCs.  What's special about this song is how she cycles through it and never quite ends it (notice this line:  "now I know my ABC, next time won't you L M N O P...")

This second song is of her singing "The Wheels on the Bus."  This song was taught to her by Memma.  Watching her sing this song bring such delight to my soul.  We will be driving down the road somewhere, I'll be lost in my thoughts, and I'll notice this little girl beginning to sing this song to herself in my rear view mirror. 

It will be interesting to see if this little girl grows up to love to sing.  Neither Byron nor I are music-inclined, so it would be fun to have a little singer in our home.

Byron's first solids

I am so incredibly behind on posting our home videos.

This first one is of Byron having his first solids a month ago when he was 5.5 months old.

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Grape Family

This morning at breakfast, with four grapes left in her plate:

"This is hermana mayor [big sister], this is Baby Byron, this is Mommy, this is Daddy"

Thought Memma and Aunt Rebecca would particularly enjoy this one :)

Family walk

Sunday afternoon, only days after our ice storm, was a beautiful day for a family walk.  We added the second seat to our double stroller.  This was BB's first time facing out (opposed to being in his car seat) while being in the stroller.

All the branches that fell off in our yard.

Little Man with a hat from Oma.

Mommy's Byrons.

Emma 'Monkey' Girl

Ice Storm 2014

Exactly one week ago today, Augusta was hit my an ice storm.  I've only lived here for 4.5 years, but people who have lived here for decades said this was the most devastating natural disaster they had ever experienced in town.  

I've lived through two major hurricanes in my lifetime, and I must say that the devastation left behind by the storm was very similar to that of a hurricane.

Having said that, America being the First World country that it is, got it's act together ASAP.  Though the town seemed to have been destroyed and 85% of the area lost power, we are now back and running as if nothing ever happened.

We woke up Wednesday morning to crashing sounds-- tree limbs falling to the ground from the weight of ice.  Byron stayed home and worked out of the dinning room table.  Emma and I made some chocolate chip cookies and hung around until we lost power at around 4 pm.

That first evening was really hard.  It was freezing cold and the kids kept waking each other up all night long.  We had breakfast by the fire and sat and wondered how on Earth we were going to get through the rest of the day without heat.

We drove around town and crashed Byron's office which had not lost power (the storm had already ended by Thursday morning).  We warmed up there while we decided what we were going to do afterwards.  We booked a hotel in Columbia, SC and drove an hour to spend the day/night there.  

When we returned from Columbia, our home still did not have power, but my in-laws' home did, so we spent the night there.  By Saturday morning, our power was back on and we returned to our home sweet home.