Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Picture dump

Picture dump from the past month.  Enjoy, mama :)

Here is Byron in his McQueen swim shorts Oma gave him for his birthday this year.  This picture cracks me up because here he is in his swim shorts, with a bandaid on his forehead (cannot remember what that was from) on his bicycle.  And that face!

Emma decided she wanted to write her first book:  "Emma goes at the Beach."  We worked quite diligently on it.

We traveled to Illinois to visit Great Gram and the Kelleys.  I just love this picture of GG with Naamito.

When Byron and Sean get together, there is A LOT of giggling.  Here they are on the floor in one of their giggling fits.

 Since Sean helped us move last time they were here visiting us, it seemed only fair that Byron would help him out in return.  Here they are working on his shed.

We went to the Wheaton campus one day, and these two best friends enjoyed each other quite well.

Back home.  On Columbus day, Emma stayed home from school.  Byron was happy to just tag along wherever she went.  Here they are all comfy in one of the sofas, Emma doing her best to read to him.

 Mom, have we told you that there in a Saint Bernard in our neighborhood????  It's from one of the houses in the driveway next to ours.  Her name is Taylor.

Naamen has become quite the eater.  He does NOT like baby food.  He likes meat, bread, bananas, apples, grapes, and today he had a great time getting into some scrambled eggs.  He even decided to put some in his hair and try them as hair product.

And finally, happy birthday to daddy!  We had a fun time celebrating him.  We made a birthday sign, made some tacos, and Emma even made up some "party games" which had Byron searching for letters outside, and being a part of a treasure hunt.

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Emma's first parent-teacher conference

We had our first parent-teacher conference earlier this month and we were pleased with Emma's report from her teacher.  Look below at her "Positive attributes" according to her teacher Miss Jones.

Birthday presents

The weekend before my 32nd birthday I was able to attend a conference at church where I got to meet and sit under the teaching of two of my favorite Bible teachers and authors.

With Kathleen Nielson

With Jen Wilkin

My baby

Here are some pics of Naamen of about a month ago.  This was the day I gave him his first haircut by his mama (his first hair cut ever was done a few days before his fourth month birthday).  The bottom pic is with his hair all over the place, and the one above is right after his haircut and all combed down with water.

Wednesday, September 07, 2016

Kids' birthday party

The kids turned 5 and 3 years old this year, and as now has become tradition, we celebrated their parties together at the grandparents' pool.  We had a handful of friends over, played in the pool, had a water balloon fight, had hotdogs for dinner and opened gifts.  I think both Byron and I felt that it had been the best party we had given them yet.  Simple and fun.

Having fun with the gifts already --

Friends enjoying dinner together.

Tia Alison with Naamito.

Naamen's first foods

We gave Naamen his first foods about two weeks ago when he was 5.5 months old.  He still doesn't seem to know how to swallow, even if it is given to him in the form of a puree.  He mostly does playing and gnawing.

Naamen's first attempt with food -- a banana.

 And of course, this irresistible boy.  He is such a big boy now, but in so many other ways still very much a baby -- finger in mouth + doggie.

Our friend comes home with us after school

Our good friend Zeke Boy came home with us one day last week.  The pictures do a great job at showing just how thrilled they were with him.

Right after pick-up.

Apple cores and homework, and a little three year-old little brother joining them in their work.

And then of course, it wouldn't be a complete playdate if they didn't dress up in superhero costumes and pushed the four-wheeler with dead batteries around the driveway.

Playing in the rain

School got suspended last Friday due to hurricane rains, so we got to enjoy our Emma Girl at home all day once again.  What a treat!  Of course, the kids decided they would be their usual nutty selves and dress themselves in their winter attire and go out and play in the rain.  These pictures do not do them justice, but they were quite the site, especially since Byron was wearing his sister's boots! 


I didn't realize how much I missed his snuggles until just the other day for the first time in a while, he snuggled up on me and took a snooze.  I think I could have cried.  Time does fly by.

Naamen 6 month old pictures

We took Naamen's 6 month old pictures with Johnny Bear and I must say, he is quite the handsome lad, even if I do say so myself.  I did wet his hair before the photo shoot, otherwise it'd be anything but flattering. 

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

My baby Naamen

Pictures of my baby Naamen over the last three weeks.

Naamen has amazing hair.  He will probably grow up thinking his name is "Look at that Hair," since that's the first things people say when they see him.  He is a handsome little boy, that I must say.

 At around six weeks old, starting to smile.

Sporting a Mexican outfit one of Byron's cousins wore as a baby.

I absolutely CANNOT get enough of these snuggles.

The smile becoming more noticeable.

With his buddy Benjamin.

For Mother's Day this year, I wet and combed on the side Naamen's hair for my mom's enjoyment.  Though I think he looks super cute in this picture, I still love his wild hair best.

Oh that boy!!!

Planting our first garden

Ever since we knew we were going to be moving out to the country, the idea of having our own family garden had been brewing in the back of my mind.  This Spring we finally got started on it.  Small, but started we did.

I purchased six tomato plants, and four sweet pepper plants.

When we were having dinner that eve, I was telling Byron how overwhelmed I was feeling with life.  He gave me a serious look and asked me:  "why again are we starting a garden?"  He did not like the idea of it.  Long story short, when he did his weekly Lowes run that following Saturday, he came across a book on gardening with children, purchased it, and has been the one family member who is the most excited about it.  It has been fun having Daddy on board on this new family adventure.

Here are a few pictures of the afternoon we started the garden --

Building our 3x3.

Proud builders.

Getting the garden started.

Our snoozer snoozing away.