Friday, December 19, 2014

She corrects me

We were practicing our numbers the other day on our magnetic board, and when we got to number 7 and saw me draw a line in the middle, she said:  "no, like this," then proceeded to write the number 7 the "correct way"-- without the middle line.

She has also been known for correcting Mommy and Daddy when reading books.  If we "mispronounce" a word, or "skip" a line, she will be quick to correct us.


"The Bug" paid us a visit last weekend, and between BB's throw-up and Emma's urine in bed (we also decided we would try to get her out of pull-ups that weekend.  We have lost that battle, btw)... needless to say, we were so thankful when Monday rolled around.

A sure perk from the weekend, though, was that we got to snuggle up with this little frog (^).

The boy and his Mommy's makeup

My boy got into my mascara *several times* one day last week.  He eventually broke it, and after a few spankings for deliberately disobeying his Mommy, his make-up-drawer-exploration days have finally ceased. 

She just looks too grown up

This girl and her "blanket baby."
Something about that hair and something about that smile and tilt of her head... she looks all grown up.

Tuesday, December 09, 2014

Sunday School Christmas party

I am so incredibly thankful for our church, but also overwhelmingly delighted with our Young Married Community Sunday School class.

We had our Christmas party last weekend, and as Byron put it, it was like having Thanksgiving dinner all over again.  But food aside, the evening was filled with laughter and a sweet reminder of the Lord's kindness to us through fellowship.

Oh, and just as a fun little extra-- Byron and I won second place as best-dressed couple (we wore our Christmas pajamas).  I am pretty excited about our chronological read-through-the-Bible-in-a-year second place prize.


... and its piles of leaves.

Reading with friends

I was thrilled to get to hang out with our former neighbors the other day.  Both kids spent a lot of time playing outdoors while us mamas enjoyed some visiting time together.  After lunch time, and while cleaning up, I found this lovely sight to my surprise--

This big sister reading to her baby sister and her baby sister's little friend.  Priceless!

A rough day

Between having four molars come in, and trying to get into Big Sisters doll's crib, I'd describe this day to be a "fail," wouldn't you?


Last week when I went to drop the kids off at "school," one of Byron's teachers told me to "take a look" at the Christmas tree-- that there would be an ornament from Byron there.  

Lo and behold, this is what I found.

I was incredibly tickled by it.  Now daddy Byron even has it as his phone picture background. 

Monday, December 08, 2014

Christmas tree set-up

Emma loves to help her daddy.  Not pictured, but right before bringing the tree inside, she wanted to make sure she, like daddy, also had her gloves on and pair of scissors to help daddy bring the tree inside the house.

Good kitchen helpers

Thanksgiving 2014

Once again we got to celebrate Thanksgiving with Byron's extended family.  About 40 people gathered for a wonderful feast, great conversation, and fun time all together.

Playing with the "big" cousins who were outside on the other side of the window. 

A sweet daddy in the making

Little Byron's newest thing is putting his Doggie in Emma's doll stroller and pushing him around.

It simply melts. my. heart. to see him do this.  Nobody told him to do it, and Emma doesn't even play with the stroller that much, so we know he wasn't imitating Big Sister.  I guess it made sense to him to put the one he loves in his stroller and push him around.

Friday, December 05, 2014


Now that I'm finally finished uploading our Mexico pictures (uff!), I can now try to play catch-up with our life since we returned home.

Have I mentioned how my little girl loves art?  Paintbrushes, colors, cutting, and markers... especially markers!  *sigh*  

While she was doing some "quiet play" the other day, she somehow managed to color with a washable blue marker every square inch on the palm of her hand.  She comes running to me and says:

"Mommy, mommy... mira!"

Then proceeds to lick both hands and rub them on her face.

She was quite proud of herself...
And I guess I should have been also.

Spiritual mothers

Yay!  I also got to visit with my two Spiritual "mothers" while in Mexico.

Diana & More.

Coffee with cousin

A few of us are lucky to have had both a cousin and a friend in one person growing up.  Sihan was mine.  Funny thing is that we mostly only remember our fights, funny stories (mostly involving me saying something odd), and lots of laughter.

Good thing that the fights have ended.  But the laughing at the "naive" things that I say has not.  Our evening out having coffee right before I returned to the States was filled with that-- laughter.  Oh... how I wish I could record some of the things we talked about.  But guess we'll now leave it up to our good memory to remember.

Our dads were two of seven siblings.  Now the only two of the seven who have passed away.  My dad passed away seven year ago, and hers less than two.  I had not seen her since his passing.  It was sweet to be able to share emotions and similar struggles with her in relationship with that.

Tuesday, December 02, 2014

At the State Fair

Another highlight from our trip was that we also happened to be in Merida at the same time our State Fair Xmatkuil was going on.  I was a little hesitant about taking the kids since it was a 45 min drive and I knew they'd be a lot of walking, but with the help of a stroller and the helping hands of Oma, this little adventure turned into a wonderful memory.

There was lots of pointing-- "douh, douh."

We even found a few baby cows.

And BB got to enjoy a pony ride!
(Emma was, of course, too afraid to get on one.)

Enjoying some fair-food... french fries!  No complaints here.

This is more like the things Emma likes to do-- we found a little station where the kids could color.

And a little caterpillar ride.  Definitely a highlight.  And once again, no surprise here, my fearful Emma covered her ears the entire ride.

Oma treated the kids to a marble game.  Emma had a fun time throwing these marbles and win a prize.  Byron was more interested in sticking them in his mouth (!!!).   

But the absolute highlight were the snake and bird exhibition that we were not allowed to photograph.  Emma really enjoyed going through the snake one and seeing the snakes stick out their tongue.  She was fascinated by it (I think mostly also because she has also enjoyed the movie/book The Jungle Book).

The bird exhibition was pretty awesome too.  They had birds such as eagles, owls, vultures, etc. that had been injured and were now on exhibition.  We got to see them real close and even flop their wings a little.

Bath time

Mexico was hot and humid.  This single mother of yours bathed both kids every night.  And as most things BB has to endure, he bathed in his big sister's pink tub.

At the zoo

I have great memories of going to the zoo myself growing up.  Free entertainment to anyone who desires, this is a great way to spend the morning with the family.  I told my mom while we were there that if we were living in Merida, I like to believe that we'd go there regularly.  

We started off the morning on the train.

No surprise here.  My fearful girl covered her ears for most of the ride (she doesn't like odd noises, even if they are not necessarily loud).

Byron spent a lot of time pointing at things:  "douh, douh," he'd say.

Oma brought the handy-dandy wagon as an alternative to walking or being in a stroller.

The absolute highlight were the hippopotamus.  There were four of them, one of them being a baby.  We got to see them get fed and watch them get out of the water.  We definitely spent the most time there.

BB decided to be a little independent while we were there and try to run off to do his own thing.  Glad Oma was there to help keep him company.

Flamingos-- one of Emma's favorite things to look at.

 More pics with the hippos.

As a little token, and since the whole experience was free, I decided to buy the kids some cheap and overpriced gifts.  Emma chose a Dora helium balloon, and BB chose a "bawl." 

We had a little picnic afterwards, and BB enjoyed relaxing a bit on Oma's legs.

On our way back to the car.  Very sunny and hot by the time we left.  Both kids were thankful for the wagon.

Monday, December 01, 2014

Sweet friend of mine.

One of my sweet highlights from this trip was getting to spend lots of time with my long-time kindredered-spirited friend Valerie. 

We've been friends since we were 9 y.o. Went to school together through 12th grade before both moving to the States for college (each at a different schools). Both bicultural and bilingual. 

Now both mothers of two. Emma and her oldest, Constanza, are the same age and enjoyed playing together.

You know you have a sweet friend when you come together, and no matter how much time has gone by between seeing or talking with each other, it's as if no time has gone by at all.

Valerie and myself.

Constanza and Emma.