Saturday, August 29, 2015

A month in review part 3 -- The Wedding + other

Just like with LB, we took Emma out for CFA breakfast on the day of her birthday.  She enjoyed taking a few of her coloring books she got at her birthday party the night before.

The kids have thoroughly been enjoying their gifts.  Its not unusual these days for the two of them to work on their coloring first thing in the morning and throughout the day.

Emma likes to have tea parties a lot, and has a happy participant at her table often.  How lucky those two are to have each other!  I normally mix some grape juice with water for their tea, and then serve them some crackers or fruit for their snack.  Always a hit!

 The Wedding!  Much anticipated family event.  And a huge hit!  Kids had  a lot of fun.  So much so, that LB fell and busted his nose.  We thought it may have gotten broken.  Thankfully at the reception (where it took place), there were a number of pediatricians and dentists (and pediatric dentist) who were able to look at him.  It kept us from taking him to the ER that night.  None of this was pictured.  But daddy Byron's shirt got covered in blood.

Joseph & Hardi with the Morris nieces and nephews.

Emma got to wear the same dress her big cousin McNeill wore at our wedding 8 years ago as a flour girl.  She got lots of compliments.

And we got to hang out with Ames!!!!

A few days after the wedding I took out our wedding album to show Emma our own wedding pictures.  When she saw McNeill in the dress she wore at her uncle's wedding, she asked:  "Mommy, is this Emma?"

Kids playing with the bubble machine they got for their birthday.  FUN!

Only six days after he fell at the wedding and busted his nose the first time, he somehow managed to run into the wall at the house while playing with big sister and bust it again.  I did get it pictured this time.  Byron and I are amazed how often he falls and injures himself.  In the words of Dr. James Dobson, it's a miracle boys grow up without killing themselves in the process.

Dinner at our new home normally ends with the kids in one of our laps.  LB likes to get himself comfortable... quite comfortable!  I guess when you live out in the country, lots of things are now allowed.

A month in review part 2 -- birthdays

We took LB to CFA for breakfast on his birthday.  Since it was right in the middle of our moving, we weren't able to buy him any presents.  Thankfully, OMA came to the rescue and had an amazing box full of treats that LB loved.




Memma had some doughnuts for him in the afternoon.  We got to sing him happy birthday then.

The following week, on the 20th, day before Emma's birthday, we celebrated BOTH kids' birthdays.  We had full intentions of keeping it small due to my BIL's wedding, but by the time we included family and a few additional friends, we had a total of 30 people in attendance.  It was our first event we hosted in our new home, only 9 days after having moved in.

Emma does not like cake, so she requested brownies for her cake instead.  She wanted sprinkles on top.

On the menu -- CFA nuggets and tenders (about the only meat LB will eat), Costco spring rolls, Costco taquitos, watermelon, and salad.  It was all gone by the end of the night!

The nice thing about having children with close enough birthdays is that you can celebrate them together.  Nice for our wallet, and nice for our family and friends who don't "have" to come out twice.

The part that we were NOT anticipating, and thus was a bit chaotic, was gift-opening time.  Kids went nuts with the presents, and everybody was wanting to open them all at the same time.  It was a fun time.  And kids talked about it for days after.  The party was a huge hit!

Emma got her first tea set, which she has thoroughly enjoyed!

The damage.

Dish washer is broke, so we cleaned the entire party by hand.

Emma and the scooter Mommy and Daddy gave her.  She had requested it.  And has thoroughly enjoyed it.

Behind with the blog -- a month in review part 1

This blog has been incredibly neglected over the past month.  It's not as if nothing has been going on.  We sold our beloved home, did work on both our previous and new home, lived like nomads for about a month, moved in with the in-laws for two weeks, moved into our new home almost three weeks ago.  

Much joy was sprinkled in between then.  Like getting our first ultrasound for our third baby, due March 8th, 2016.  We also welcomed our friends the Kelleys from "up North," and witnessed my BIL marry his bride last weekend.

And so the recap -- 

Emma is introduced to "tea parties" with her cousins.

Mommy and now-big-brother LB doing some after-nap snuggle time.

Move-in day!

Blessed with many helping hands.

CFA lunch to thank our moving crew.

My Byrons.

Still a slouch. 

Kelleys are in town!

Saying goodbye to our home.

Saturday, July 25, 2015

Paseando with my little girl

I got to go pasear (stroll around) with my little girl this morning.  She got a hair cut (and a balloon for a reward) and then do some errands with me.  For some reason she insisted on taking her doll around town with us.  She was (and always is!) a delight to be with. 

A few Emma milestones -- 

*  I have started teaching her some sight words while we read.  She can now read and recognize the words:  the, and, to, he, she, I, and a.  She is really taking an interest in learning to read.  I wonder how all of this will develop through time before she starts school next year.

*  She is also learning to spell a little.  She can write her name and the sight words from above (^), but that's abut the extent of anything legitimate that she can write.  She likes to just string a whole lot of letters together that never make sense.  But I feel like the beginning stages of writing are underway. 

*  I am trying to see if I can begin teaching her the concept of addition and subtraction.  She likes to take her grapes (or goldfish, or whatever), line them up, count them, and then begin eating one, two, or three, or four at a time.  Then count them again.  I am starting to use math words with her such as "plus" and "minus" (in Spanish, btw).  Hoping this basic math can develop naturally with her.

*  I've been trying to be more intentional with her at bedtime.  We are half way through reading Charlotte's Web, though now that she can "read" her sight words, the reading is much, much, much slower now.

*  Another thing that I've been trying to be more intentional with at bedtime is to debrief our day together.  We'll ask each other the favorite part of our day, and then talk about one kind thing we did that day, and one unkind thing we did that day.  My intention here is to always be vulnerable of my sin with her, letting her know that mama is far from perfect.  But also my desire is for her to begin examining her own brokeness and need of Jesus.


I was in the kitchen the other day while the kids were in the next room playing by themselves.  I all of the sudden heard Byron say:  "Uuuuffff, wet wet wet" (the words his daddy uses when he changes his diaper).  

I peek around the corner, and find this --

Little Byron "changing" Emma's doll's diaper, and then Emma tinkering with Little Byron's truck.  I was so tickled by this sight, I couldn't help by laugh and take a picture.